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This project came out of my long association with the school and the opportunity that I had to observe at close quarters life at Harrow School.


It is only 5 years that a boy spends at Harrow, from 13 to 18. But it is a time that has a life long impact. The freedom experienced in youth, and the first confident steps of adulthood, initially in imitation only, leave indelible marks on a growing and fast changing character. Newly formed patterns of behaviour, with all the excitement of a first-felt experience. Experiences that will be repeated throughout adulthood but never as affecting as the first time round


There is no doubting that it is an intense time for a young boy: rarely alone, driven by friendships, supported by others, vigorous, hopeful, challenging, and mainly optimistic. And, of course, thoughts, fears and fantasies of the future are never far away..

The themes are loosely divided into sections: 'Into the Wilderness', 'Black Tie - a rite of passage', 'Performance', 'Silence', 'Down Time', 'Physical Energy',  'Past and Present', and 'Space'.


All drawings were made in situ, as a response to unfolding scenes.  Simon Page

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