Photo taken in The Fourth Form Room, Harrow School. Courtesy Alex Chamberlin, 2017.
Simon Page was born in 1962, and grew up in Colchester. He has taught Art at Harrow since 1987 where he is currently Head of Painting.
Art Foundation at The Colchester School of Art was followed by a degree in Art and Education at Cambridge University, graduating in 1985. A year on the coast in Devon, at Allhallows School, as Artist in Residence, preceded his appointment at Harrow, where he has lived ever since except for short stints in Islington and Stroud.
Drawing is central to his work. 'Drawing directly from observation is a reliable pleasure and is a journey of discovery. It has none of the stresses and anxieties of the studio. It is a great way to begin to better understand the motif. The immediacy of the process bypasses the distraction of over-thinking, and connects the eye, brain and hand to the crayon and paper to respond to the scene unfolding, to deliver a record of an encounter between what is sought and what surprises along the way. I look for opportunities to draw wherever I find myself. From the madness of Marrakech to the more mundane of the Metropolitan Line into London.'
His most recent project is Physical Energy - Drawn to Youth, an exhibition opening January 25th, 2018 at the  OSRG, Harrow School. Drawings, paintings and prints that have come from his experience of working at Harrow. The subject matter is the boys, and the raw and fleeting energy of their adolescence. (read Rachel Campbell Johnston review) A smaller scale version of this exhibition was shown at Daniel Crouch Rare Books, Bury Street, May 2017.
He has exhibited in both one man and group shows in London, including The Royal Academy, The Mall Galleries, ICA, London Art Fair, Robert Hall, and Roman Black Gallery with the exhibition 'Drawn to Travel' (Joseph O'Neill review).  In recent years he has been the Artist in Residence at Somersault Festival, 2014, and at Wilderness festival, 2015.