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Southwold drawings 2013-2016
Incident on the beach, Southwold, 28-8-14. Simon Page
The Reading Room, Southwold, 19-8-16. Simon Page
Hot afternoon, Southwold beach, 26-8-13. Simon Page
Sleeping, Southwold beach. Simon Page
The apparition at the Reading Room, Southwold, 2014. Simon Page
Kite flying, Southwold beach. Simon Page
Reading Room Steps, Southwold, 18-8-16. Simon Page
Dreaming, Southwold Beach, summer, 2015. Simon Page
Southwold beach, below Susie's cafe, 20-8-2014. Simon Page
Downpour, Southwold Pier, 26-8-2014. Simon Page
Firends reading, Southwold beach, 27-8-14. Simon Page
Southwold beach, 21-8-14. Simon Page
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