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Choral Society St Matthew's Passion, Speech Room, 22-3-16. Simon Page Crayon on paper.jpg
Glees and Twelves, 22-10-15. Conte on paper. Simon Page (1).jpg
Murmuration - Glees and Twelves. Crayon on paper. Simon Page, 2017.jpg
Vela cafe evening IV.jpg
Vela cafe evening III.jpg
Theatre of the Ayre IV.jpg
Theatre of the Ayre I.jpg
Prince Hassan Bin Talal's speech, Churchill Songs, Royal Albert Hall, 21-11-17. Simon Page
Dream Of Gerontius, Speech Room, Harrow School, 26-3-19. Crayon on paper. Simon Page.jpg
Glees and Twelves, Speech Room, 19-10-17. Crayon and wash on paper. Simon Page.jpg
'Twelves in The Glees and Twelves, The Speech Room, Harrow School, 16-10-14, 7.30 - 9.30,
Vela Cafe evening I.jpg
Vela Cafe evening II.jpg
Theatre of the Ayre III.jpg
Songs, Speech Room, 6-7-14. Crayon on paper. Simon Page.jpg
Afternoon Rehearsal,Churchill Songs, Royal Albert Hall, 21-11-17. Crayon and wash on paper
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