Dream of Gerontius 

Harrow Choral Society,The Speech Room, Harrow School, 26-3-19 

Harrow's Long Ducker, November 2018 - post card sketches from the run, Watford Road Roundabout
Harrow School Long Ducker 2018
Harrow School Long Ducker 2018
Harrow School Long Ducker 2018
Harrow School Long Ducker 2018
Harrow School Long Ducker 2018
Harrow School Long Ducker 2018
WWI Memorial Proposal.jpg

Art critic for The Times,  Rachel Campbell Johnston writes about Simon Page’s new Harrow work:

A flood of runner, fists clenched and feet pounding, comes pouring towards you. Lines of
trees and park railings form channels along which they gush: a torrent of heart-pumping,
breath-gasping humanity merging and jumbling into a great jostling flow.

Standing as if plunged right amid them, you can almost feel yourself brace as you look. No
wonder the pigeons are sent madly scattering. Even the stone bison of the Albert Memorial is
roused to new life. As the boys surge round the base of the pedestal upon which for more
than 150 years it has stood, a stolidly implacable monument to the New World, it appears
suddenly to waken and shake its rough pelt with an impatient snort.

Simon Page has been teaching art to the students at Harrow for some 30 years now. These
images capture with a freshness that will always somehow feel current a variety of memories
from his time at the school.

These pictures ostensibly speak of the ways in which, when an individual is drawn out, when
his energies (whether physical or mental) are channelled, they can discover a fresh power
which will carry them forwards into the future. This sense of vivacity is transferred to the
viewer. That is what makes these pictures so striking. They are more than just records of
bygone memories. They speak, instead, of a living force which drives progress. And as such
they are infused with that spirit of irrepressible hope which should underpin every student's
education. (Link to full article) 


Physical Energy Exhibition OSRG Harrow School

Daniel Crouch Gallery, June 1st - 4th. Recent work that includes a series of drawings, paintings and prints that take inspiration from the subject of a marathon that starts in Hyde Park.

The runners, still closely packed at the early stage of the race, pass G. F. Watts' sculpture 'Physical Energy' . The bronze horse seems to rear up in response to the drumming progress of the runners. The runners themselves, all teenage boys are the embodiment of growing, unrefined energy.

Harrow School Long Ducker 2018